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Am I a candidate for Six Month Smiles in Houston, TX?

If you are older than 15 years of age and are tired of crooked, spaced or misaligned teeth, Six Month Smiles could be the solution for you! Most adults are candidates, but only Six Month Smiles Dentist in Houston, Texas will be able to decide if Six Month Smiles is right for your specific dental needs.

One of the biggest difficulties for adults who want to straighten their teeth is living a mouthful of metal braces for two or more years. If you live in the Houston area and you’re looking for an adult orthodontic treatment that is much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces, Six Month Smiles Dentist in Houston, TX can determine your suitability for Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles in Houston, Texas is a discreet adult orthodontic treatment that adjusts your teeth through gentle pressure. Instead of metal brackets and wires, the braces used in Six Month Smiles are clear and connected by tooth-colored wires.

Along with being barely visible to onlookers, another advantage of Six Month Smiles is that nearly anyone is eligible for treatment.

Key aspects for a patient considering Six Month Smiles are that all of your permanent teeth are grown in. You would like to correct teeth that are crooked, overcrowded, or separated by unsightly gaps and that you’re not looking to make major change to your bite, as Six Month Smiles only focuses on the teeth that can be seen while smiling.

Six Month Smiles Dentist will perform a full exam of your mouth to make sure Six Month Smiles is right for your dental and aesthetic needs. Being one of the only dental offices in the Houston area to offer this subtle approach to aligning and straightening the teeth for ideal cosmetics, Six Month Smiles Dentist has become very skilled in this orthodontic treatment.

To learn more about how Six Month Smiles in Houston can help you achieve a pleasing smile without covering your teeth in unsightly metal, please contact Six Month Smiles Dentist or call (888) 258-6085 today to schedule your initial consultation.