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Clear Braces Houston, TX

Clear braces for dental patients in Houston, TX are made of a clear material and have become popular with adults due to their cosmetic appeal. Clear braces in Houston allow you to straighten your teeth without the unsightly, traditional metal braces. Clear braces in Houston, Texas are the same concept as traditional metal braces except that they are clear. Clear braces are a clear alternative to traditional metal braces and provide patients with an equally effective treatment.

Clear braces in Houston are a great alternative to metal braces and Six Month Smiles Dentist will help you determine whether they are the right adult orthodontic treatment for you. Clear braces are created from composite materials that blend in with the color of your teeth. The brackets and rubber bands are both tooth-colored making them virtually invisible. Although clear braces are more aesthetically pleasing, the material used to make them are more fragile than metal.

When teeth and jaws are poorly aligned, the extra effort required to chew can strain muscles, causing long-term pain. Clear or ceramic braces are great for straightening misaligned teeth and bringing jaws into correct alignment. Properly aligned teeth and jaws can also relieve muscle pain. The appearance of clear braces in the Houston area is what most people are attracted to. They are less noticeable than metal braces and are said to be more comfortable.

When comparing traditional metal braces and clear braces, it may come down to personal preference. If you desire straight teeth without having the gleaming metal braces, the clear braces alternative may be the right solution for you. Contact Six Month Smiles Dentist today to learn more about the clear braces treatment and to schedule your appointment.